NEAFP is purchasing 10,000 lbs of U.S. grown alpaca fiber in 2018 that meet the following requirements:

  • U.S. Grown Huacaya Blanket/Prime Fiber
  • Average Fiber Diameter: 26 micron and under
  • Staple Length: 2" to 5"
  • Minimal strong primary fibers (guard hair), Short Cuts under 2", and Free of all forms of Contamination

Farms submitting fiber meeting these requirements will receive between $3 and $4 per lb based on overall quality. Acceptance and quality will be determined by NEAFP's sorters using these main criteria: Average Fiber Diameter, % of Strong Primary Fibers (Guard Hair), Staple Length, & Overall Uniformity. Fiber submitted for purchase that doesn't meet these requirements but is deemed usable by NEAFP will be checked into your Fiber Bank Account. Fiber submitted for purchase that is deemed completely unusable will be skirted out, discarded, and not returned to the sender.

NEAFP's goal is to pay farms for their acceptable fiber within 6 weeks of it arriving at our mill for sorting. If this time frame changes due to an influx of fiber coming in for purchase we will let you know. By submitting your fiber to NEAFP for purchase you understand and agree to these terms.

To avoid lowering the overall quality of your fiber submission, each animal's individual blanket should be kept in a separate bag to ensure there isn't any cross contamination. Put many blanket bags together into larger bags/boxes and include a copy of your Fiber Purchase Submission Slip in with each large consolidated package.

***This Fiber Purchase Submission Slip properly identifies your fiber and ensures efficient processing!***

To receive animal specific notes with your sort report, include I.D. with their fleece.

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