NEAFP's Fiber Bank is a resource that allows farms to submit their fiber to be used towards future product orders.

+ Reduce Shipping Costs

+ Speed up Order Fulfillment

+ Take advantage of Fiber Collections

Send fiber in large lots to be banked vs. mailing fiber after each individual order you place throughout the year.Each order you place will automatically deduct it's fiber requirement from your existing balance and ship right away.Having a Fiber Bank Account allows you to participate in Fiber Collections at Shows and drop your fiber off at a Regional Collection Point.

Fiber Bank F.A.Q.

Q:Why can't I log in?
A:Email and Password fields are case sensitive - make sure you are entering the information exactly as you entered it when you set it. If you have not changed your password since your account opened, try the default password that was emailed to you when your account was setup.. If you have forgotten your password, You can reset it yourself by Clicking the Link Above.

Q:Why isn't my recent Fiber shipment showing up on my statement?
A:During shearing season and after a Fiber Pickup, Fiber Bank processing can get slightly backed up so please be patient. If you have an urgent order that needs to be fulfilled before your Fiber Bank Statement is updated, go ahead and place it and let us know in the Special Instructions field that your Fiber is queued up for processing.

Q:Can I flat trade my Fiber Credits for Finished Products?
A:No, the fiberbank credits can only be used towards the required raw fiber requirement for fiber pricing orders. It is designed to save on shipping, speed up order fulfillment, and clear out precious barn space. Economically, it is not feasible to take raw alpaca fleece in trade for finished goods.

Q:My Fiber Bank statement is not adding up, Can you Fix it?
A:Yes. If you think there is a mishap in your Report please email us with your Login and problem. We will review your statement and fix any issue we find.

Have a question not listed above? Feel free to contact support.

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